What is Responsive Design and why is mobile web an important element of web design?

Ahmad Ali
2 min readJan 8, 2022
responsive web design (source: https://www.caktusgroup.com/blog/2017/01/04/responsive-web-design)

In the early days when the web just started, devices that can access the web were very limited, however, with the advancements of technologies the number of those devices significantly increased and the size of these devices just gotten smaller, till we reached the era of the mobile phones.

The mobile device is extremely convenient to use, and with its small size which made its battery works for longer hours without the need of it to be continuously plugged into the power source and mobile prices are relatively smaller compared to computers. For all the above points, the mobiles today take more share of the market than computers which make it extremely important to put the mobile users at the top of your priorities as web developer.

The term Responsive design might falsely refer to the outer shape and colours of the website, but it means much more. Responsive design requires your website to adapt to your client screen size, CPU capabilities, battery situation, and network limitations.

Responsive design requires your website to appear at best look in both desktops and mobiles, and on the phone the website should lay in a way that facilitates reading and interacting with the content. Horizontal scrolling should be avoided in both phones and desktops.

Responsive design requires your website to use less client resources, any client-side operations that involve heavy computing should be avoided on a mobile website, and the best practise to display a message to the user stating that your website is not suitable for mobiles, and you should use it from a desktop and that’s to respect CPU and battery limitations on a mobile device.